Year 3 – 11+ Introduction

Most people might feel that Year 3 is too early to start preparing for 11+ Exams. However, we feel that establishing those problem solving skills in your child at an early age is important for not only people wishing to take the 11+ Exams, but also for all the children out there and we want to encourage the development of these specific skills.


Literacy and Numeracy will be covered and enhanced according to the National Curriculum Syllabus, and we will slowly start to introduce Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning in accordance with the new CEM style 11+ examinations.


Every Saturday there will be a two and a half hour session including breaks. Average teaching time will be two hours which includes a test session on the topics covered the previous week. The tests will be marked by the end of the session. Your child will be required to do homework (including spellings for Literacy and the multiplication tables for Numeracy), which will be marked by the parents and the results reported back to us. The focus will be on developing literacy and numeracy.


Feedback will be given at the end of every session, every week, based on the tests. Regular progress reports will also be provided, giving a description of your child’s weaknesses and strengths, including individual targets. This information will also be based on the results of the homework reported back to us. Additional support will be given, if required.

All the class books, mock exam papers, assessments, parents’ evenings, resources are included within the course fees.