Every student deserves to achieve their best – this is the ethos of XLEducation. Whether it is for the 11+, SATs, GCSEs or just general improvement, we have tailored courses to help our students achieve exactly what they want to achieve. Having started in 2014 with very few students, we are now one of the fastest growing tuition centres in Berkshire. This is due to our passion, commitment and dedication that we have for the success of every single child that approaches us.

We have courses to cater for every student in Year 2, all the way to Year 11 with special focus on the 11+ exam (suitable for Kendrick, Reading School and Slough Consortium). Of course, all of these courses are tailored towards specific exams that children want to work towards but they will be useful for anyone who seeks to improve and achieve their best. This is due to the holistic nature of our tuitions given by our highly experienced teachers.


Saswati Suresh


The Masterclasses I attended boosted me in many skills, mainly NVR and Comprehension. As well as that, the mock exams helped me increase my speed and master a variety of problems. Thank you XL for helping me score good marks in my grammar school tests!

Mahalakshmi Jalagam


My daughter attended XLEducation mainly for the Mock Exams & Masterclasses. The class structure was professional and the class consisted of a small number of pupils focused on each and every pupil. She found the course very useful and the teachers very approachable. All her questions were always answered with satisfaction.

Mock exams helped her a lot to know the weak areas and the best part is having question paper at hand, which was very helpful to revise at home and parents to aware of them. Also,  revision session after the exam to discuss the questions was very useful.

She has learnt a lot through this journey and has done very well in her 11+ exam. I’m sure all the work will certainly benefit her in the future.

Thank you very much for all your support and encouragement on helping her preparing the exam.

I have no hesitation in recommending XLEducation to friends and family whose children are interested in preparing for the 11+.


My daughter had joined XL Education when she was in Year 5 in Sep’ 2018. Normally, she had classes once a week there at Maiden Erleigh School. Before joining XL, we had visited other tuition centres such as AE, and some others. We found that XL Education had better classrooms, and more friendly environment compared to other places. XL had set a very nice study pattern for students, and the work given is not too much, and not too little, and one can expect to devote around 2 hrs for 5 days in a week. XL Education didn’t skimp on study material. A lot of 11+ books from all the good publishers were given to students (could be like 70-80 workbooks in a year). They gave extra classes even though we had paid for only one class in a week, but many times towards the end, there were two classes in a week. On some occasions, they had also arranged external teachers, who were experts in the subject. They also conducted mock exams at their center and also provided with discount code for external mock exams.

We are really thankful to Sriram Sir, Ms Uma and other teachers and student helpers at XL Education, due to which, my daughter could clear 11+ exam and go to Kendrick School. They helped in making our dream come true.

Krishan Fernando


Thanks for giving us an opportunity to attend XL Education center 11+ revision classes and sit the Mock Tests for my daughter during last year’s Summer holiday. That helped to improve her confidence and also to prepare well for the Grammar school entrance test last year. Hence, she did the exam well and to also able to obtain excellent results at the end.

So I would like to recommend XL tuition center for anyone who wishes to send their children for the 11+ tuition.


Vasudha Chaudhari


If you are looking for a great learning experience that will not just prepare your child for one exam, but also inculcate a sense of discipline and thirst for knowledge, then XLEducation is the place for you. What I most love about XL is the resolute efforts by all their teachers in ensuring that the children learn every concept (Maths and NVR) right from the basics, which lays the foundation for their future academic success. My daughter particularly enjoyed the English lessons, because of the fun and engaging way in which the classes were conducted. Every teacher (special mention to Uma and Sriram) went above and beyond to support my daughter in her journey to 11+ success.

Focus sessions, Maths and NVR Masterclasses, English workshops, ample number of mock exams, personalised feedback – are just a few examples of what sets XLEducation apart from other coaching classes. But what truly distinguishes them from others is the genuine concern for the well-being and progress of your child from the get-go. XLEducation is not just about rote learning. They strive their best to provide a wholesome experience of engaging with learning materials rather than mugging up spellings and formulas. A few examples of this are – vocabulary masterclass, creative writing workshop, and the superfun talk by Sheena Ager (Author of The Cadwaladr Quest).
My daughter has successfully qualified for the school of her choice, and the entire credit goes to the Uma and Sriram for their persistent efforts, constant encouragement, and motivation especially in the last few months before the exam.

I would highly recommend XLEducation, and there is no doubt that my younger one will be going there too.

Mona Pandya


XLEducation provides an amazing environment for children to flourish. They go the extra mile to support individual needs. They work very hard with teachers, children and parents to offer a mix of classes, focus group sessions and mock tests. I definitely recommend them. – Mona

Adi Ashok


XLEducation is a great tuition. It always teaches you something new and challenges you on all the subjects. If you work hard they work hard, it creates a perfect formula for passing your grammar entrance test. – Adi


Chandu Cheeti


My son attended XL Education for 11+ preparation and secured the top three rankings in the 11+ exam for Reading/Slough. My son also got the highest marks at QE and other top schools in England. This would not have been possible without outstanding coaching, preparation, mock tests from XLEducation throughout the year. Course material + Mock exam + Additional classes + close monitoring of child helped to succeed. Our sincere thanks & appreciation to Sriram, Uma and all the Teachers + Assistants for their support. I wish them and all the future students all the best.


Bindu Vellalath


“ We enrolled Vaibhav for the 11 plus course with XL Education as this was a local centre. Vaibhav joined the centre in year 3 and from then on to this year, when he appeared for the 11 plus exams he has progressed considerably in his Maths/NVR/VR and especially his English Language and Vocabulary. The Saturday classes were very structured and the tests conducted weekly used to give us a good idea of how much he had understood the topics taught until then.

The course materials were very varied and of excellent standard and covered all the relevant topics required for 11 plus exams and also to build strong foundation in Maths and English. The mock exams conducted towards the end of the 11 plus course and the feedback provided were excellent and of a very high standard and helped Vaibhav to time himself and gave him lot more confidence to appear for the actual tests. There are lots of other positive things to say about the centre which wouldn’t be enough in these two paragraphs, but would like to add the selfless dedication of the people who run the centre. They have looked into all aspects of getting the kids ready for the exams and for the secondary school including providing extra Wednesday sessions, Focus sessions and also getting a renowned author and a renowned GL assessment NVR author to speak to kids. Vaibhav thinks the best part was the winning sweets and the educational games at the end of the sessions. ”


Wei Ying


“The XLEducation staff are very friendly, they are like your family and always there if you need any help. The classes and homework are well structured. My daughter just followed the pace with XL and improved significantly, especially with Math. XL provided lots of extra help as well, free Wednesday class, talks on each subject by professional teachers and writers, mocks running through the August as well, all of these got the pressure away from the parents. XL certainly understands not only the exam, but also how to lead children and parents to go through the exam. XL is more than just a tuition provider, they truly care about my daughter and deeply devote themselves for the succees of my daughter. I really appreciated the help from XL. ”


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